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Yeh baat nirali dil-e-khuddar karey hai….
Tadpe hai magar dard se inkar karey hai…
Ab khud ke bhi saaye ka bharosa nahin yaaron …..
Nazdeek jo aaye hai wahi waar karey hai….


Kyun Dil ki dhadkano Ko gunahgaar kare hai
Kahna hai to kah daal agar pyaar kare hai


Keh kar Ke haal, dil ye intzaar kare hai

Dil mei jo base hai wohi inkaar kare hai

Khuddaari kaam aayi, na bebaaki se kehna

Pagal ye dil ab bhi unhi se pyaar kare hai


Meri zindgi kisi aur ki
Mere naam ka koi aur hai


Ek Chehra liye fir rahe hain duniya ke liye

Ek chehra mera jee raha fakat tere liye

Suljha hua sa samajhta har koi jaane kyu mujhe

Uljha hua sa mujh mei koi doosra bhi hai



When the leaves layer gold
Over the fragrant musky earth
And the breeze soft and bold
Tries to unearth
I pause at the road less taken
Mystified by the nature’s play
Admiring the golden robe
Admiring it go unrobe
And the trees shiver to the breeze
Wrapping the earth again
Isn’t it whimsical to behold
The Autum of the trees
As the clothing of the earth !

The road less taken


आज सुनीं कुछ सुप्त रहीं धुन
कहतीं हैं जो, कहने दो
शोर के आदि थके श्रवण को
तरल शांति में बहने दो

  • Adding to an old one from 2015 as below :

आज छेड़ एक धुन मीठी सी
सुर-औ-राग में बहने दो
“भाव भरा है बहुत ह्रदय में
शब्दों को तुम रहने दो”

कहीं किनारे आतीं लेहरें
साहिल से कुछ कहने को
कभी बुलाता पलट समुन्दर
अंक में सिमटा रहने को

करें विवेचन चेहरे को पढ़
मनुज रूप के गहने को
किस तप से कुंदन आत्मा हो
किसे समझ पढ़ लेने को

शब्द भेद न सके नयन को
मूक कहें जो कहने दो
भाव भरा है बहुत ह्रदय में
शब्दों को तुम रहने दो

…..the line in quotes taken from a quote by Arpita Sinha

meditative peace @ lockdown days !


When did I pause last 🤔

Paused to watch the squirrel

Nibble on the fruits

Jumping through the twigs

Singing out some rhyme …,,

Paused to check on birds?

How many of them flock

What all do they do through the day

And how do they talk …..

Paused to sit and watch

How many buds bloom each day

How many new seeds spring up

How the trailers climb…..

Paused to measure the path of sun

Dawn to over the dusk

Crimson to yellow to chrome to dark

Through clear skies or the clouds …..

Paused to just live breathless hours

Keeping the broom aside

Worrying not for the ticking clock

Or pile of work that smiles…..

Just when the pause was forgotten

Just when the life got mundane

Just when the concerns were a framed posting

Just when the life seemed a game

Someone pushed the pause button

Rolling all shutters down

And somewhere between the endless work

Stillness creeps by my side

I think and think not

I work and work not

I pray and pray not

I smile and smile not

It’s just the onset of the pause

That comes teaching

And introspection rings

“There’s little we can do”

It brings learning

This shall end as well

And the rush hour will come

Will I then miss

This meditative pause?

Will I remember

With learnt effect

Will I care as much

The cause and the rest?

Or the reset mode

Will clear the slate again

And kill the humane stir

Weighing the loss and gain?

A part of me shall stay

Lost in this for long

And though I love

Yet love not this pause !



बीती होली से थोड़ा बचा लिया

इश्क़ तुम्हारा रंगों में छुपा लिया

वक़्त चलता रहा , दुनिया बदलती रही

जाने किस बात ने हमको उलझा लिया

उम्र कहती रही माफ़ कर बढ़ चलो

छोटी सी ज़िद ने दिल को बच्चा किया

कैसे ये मान लें, तुम अब हो अजनबी

हर शक़्स में दिखे तेरी परछाइयाँ

फागुन के खिल रहे बागों में गुल मगर

साँसों में अब तलक महकें नज़दीकियाँ

अब्र-ओ-गुलाल के फीके हैं रंग सभी

गालों को रंग रही चाहत की शोख़ियाँ

एक तेरा नाम ही रहता ख़याल में

पर तेरे ज़िक्र पे नज़र को झुका लिया



22 April 2014
हम अकेले ही चले थे
लोग जुड़ते चल दिए
राह मुश्किल क्या रहे
जब कारवां बढ़ता गया…..

जुटते लोगों के सुरों की
आदतें होती गयीं
शोर भी उम्दा लगे अब
भीड़ भी आगोश सी

चल ना देना राह से हट
मोड़ जो कोई मिले
हो अनेकों लोग लेकिन
आदतें “हर एक” की



“The new captain of the ship”

It’s a story of a Captain posted on a Ship which was being sent off a journey over turbulent sea. The supplies seemed limited and the journey, long. The crew appeared divided, the faces young, lacking experience of the deep sea. The biggest challenge to begin with was to win the trust and unite the team. So much before addressing the challenges, the captain decided to step in as a silent observer, imbibing and absorbing every experience of the fortnight while the ship stayed anchored. The inputs to selection of supplies were highly guarded, so as to not offend anyone. The appreciations were frequent and generous over smallest of deeds. The strings to be pulled were put on hold since it was more important to keep the ropes tight for the sails to manoeuver on the right track. And soon one day, off began the voyage!

Standing at the shores, waving “bon voyage” to the ship, I wait eagerly for the first harbour from where the captain shall mail the letter of its sail so long.

The clock’s ticking as if counting every fractional second as I wait …..

Captain of the new ship : part I


Woke up much earlier

Brewed hot coffee for him

He looked cool

And handsome too

Hugged him, kissed him

And he dashed out

Waving a bye

“See u mom”,

He paused , hugged back

And off he went !


Stepped into routine

The hours glided by

Throwing a last glance

At the mirror

Before leaving for office

She ensured,

She looks extra special

For the day

For there in the campus

Are hundreds of them

Waiting to be crowned

And as she gave away

Much awaited trophies

& Each one returned

With a hug, a smile, a shy grin

Oh so pure is that love

She smiled to herself as well


Drowned in the files

Chasing the deadlines

The load unending

The work undone

The plans demanding

The fire within

Another knock –

A smiling one

This time heart warms

As she nods to the one

Walking into her room

Bringing in all glory

The helper forwards with smile

A cup of hot tea !


And the clock strikes again

And the guard peeps in

For nth time now

Seems eager to leave

But he can’t for she was

Still seated and working

So he just pretended checking

Which was more of insisting

He longed to lock the room

Or probably lock her in

Once and for all

For regularly she made

His working hours extended

With her own late sittings


Picking up the keys

Left to her own

Humming to the tunes

On radio that played

Singing to herself

Yet, Numbed to her dreams

Mechanically steering

Empty lanes and jams alike

Don’t know why the feeling strikes

Major something is amiss





Back to home and chores all done

Out of shower and still not fresh

Trying to check reminders again

Checking what has been the miss

As the habit paused again

On the message box for day

Ohhhhhhhh so this was all the miss

And how could the heart not know?

Or forget or let it go?

Since when dates got so mundane?

Once adored so much was this

What becomes now just a day

No glories of love I sing

No flights or dreams I live

Neither are there any plans

Nor are gifts , nor a date fixed

Dry , unnoticed almost past

Was today valentines day!?!?!?!

Valentine Day


एक उधमसिंघ नाम का station

थोड़ा सूना, बेहद सुंदर

भोर किरण मैं उसको देखूँ

भीड़ से हट कुछ यूँ भी सोचूँ :

कितनी इसपे आतीं जातीं

छुक-छुक की आवाज़ लगाती

कुली-कुली की कुछ गुहारें

चाय-चाय की भी थीं पुकारें

बस एक दो ही आतीं जातीं

देखीं मैंने वहाँ लकीरें

कुछ passenger क़ो ले चलतीं

माल भरीं कुछ रहीं खिसकतीं

क्या इनके ही जैसी होती ?

एक वो जिसमें मैं हुँ बैठी ??

छुक-छुक की आवाज़ सुनी ना

कौन रंग ये भी देखी ना

समय सारणी भी ना इसकी

ना तो driver ना ही guard;

जाने किस engine से बंधकर

पल पल पीछे चलते चलते

पलों को पीकर

धुआँ बनाती

किस पटरी से किस पटरी पे

किस station से पैदा होकर

किस station पे जा थमने को

किस किस राहगीर को चढ़ाने

किस को राह में साथ निभाने

किस को बीच राह उतारती

किस को याद डोर बांधकर

किसको भूल मिटाते जाती

याद नहीं ये कभी रुकी क्या

कभी ईंधन के लिए झुकी क्या

किसी मोह में कभी बंधी क्या

या निर्मोही मोक्ष लिपी क्या

किस signal की भाषा सुनती

कौन chain खिचने से रुकती

उसमें कौन है गाना गाता

कौन भिखारी वाद्य बजाता

दिन कब चढ़ता , कब ढल जाता

मौसम, साल बदलते जाता

यौवन बचपन लुकझिपी कर

कैसे वृध हुआ है जाता

मेरे प्रश्नों के बचपन पे

आसमान से कौन हरि सम

अपलक देख रहा मुस्कराता

अंतहीन प्रश्नों को छलता

कभी हँसाता कभी रुलाता

आँख खुली तब से पाया ये :

चले जा रही –

जीवन रेल !

जीवन रेल