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The wait


One day indeed
The clouds will pour
The rainbows will be real
The mangoes won’t be sour
The dawn won’t steal
The sweet little dreams

Untill then with hope
The little eyes shine
Each day look up
Couting tiny delights
More than a hundred
On each tree grew
The fruity green dew
The sunny days spent
Under the cool shade
Showing away the birds
Counting, the endless game!

One morning indeed
The colour would grow sunny
As yellow as the sun
As sweet as the dreams
And then no one can stop
The climb to the top
Savoring the “MALDA” feast
He slipped into sleep!



धूल, मिट्टी,धूप,बारिश
कुछ भी कभी रोक ना पायी
उसने जो आवाज़ लगाई
इसने हर जेहमत उठाई
माँ को मनाया, पैर दबाये
पिता जी की डाँट भी खाई
चोरी से सबकी नज़रें बचा के
अपनी तिज़ोरी की ताली उठाई
चिकने चिकने,गोरे गोरे
देख उन्हें नज़रें ललचाई
एक इशारा सीटी का पा
दिल की उमंगें लें अंगड़ाई
भर हथेली में, छिपा जेब में
चले खेलने गोटी भाई !

Chrismas Wishes


Santa uncle come to me
Lots of things I want from thee
Car like Noddy that I can ride
Aeroplane which I can fly

Pup as sweet as Scooby Doo
Wagging its tail by my side
And a hut in “Toy Land”
With fence of Lolly-pops and smile

Come when stars are twinkling bright
On the “Merry Christmas” night
Don’t you shy away from me
Stay for a while in my sight

When we dance as bells jingle
In your arms I will glide
Snuggle with your snowy beard
Those moments shall be divine

I will also ride the sledge
Peep for what in your bag lies
And do tell me the secret
How your treasure never dies

Wishes small of tiny me
Do fulfil I pray to thee
And then join me for the tea
Mom welcomes all friends of mine !

@ Kaustubh Srivastava
Class : Brownie
Little Pixies Play School
Dec 2003



The X and the O
Visited me yesterday
Said, they missed me
For the game of tic-tac-toe

We couldn’t then bid good bye
To the bygone childhood days
Sat again scribbling for hours
Midst the # on backyard’s clay

Loosing or winning, but giggling
Living again before they leave
Back to their lovely hut
And a life carefree

To spend their time with teens
Who, lost in their fresh dreams
In leisure yet engage
And carry the legacy to new age.

A colon, half a bracket…..
Was all that I could offer.
“C ya” said the parting glances
And ditto they responded..!!
And they left but still they stay !

सूरज चाचा


बहुत सवेरे उठ जाते हो
रात भी जल्दी सोते होंगे
सूरज चाचा कभी कभी तो
तुम सोने को रोते होंगे
कौन तुम्हारी मम्मी है जो
इतना जल्दी तुम्हे उठाये
कभी नही सुनती जो तुम्हारी
रोज़ शाम वो तुम्हे सुलाये
कभी तो मन ये करता होगा
जागो रात तक चाँद देखने
तारों के नीचे लेटो और
आसमान पे चित्र बनाओ
और गर्मी की दोपहरी में
नींद भरी अँखियाँ झपकाओ
नीम तले दो पल बैठो और
एक चुटकी निंदिया ले पाओ
कितना रूखा जीते जो तुम
रोज़ एक ही रूप दिखाओ
वो ही पूरब से उदित हो
वो ही पश्चिम में ढल जाओ
चलो दोस्त मेरे बन जाओ
मैं तुमको जीना सिखला दूँ
जब मन चाहे हँसते रहना
जब मन हो रोना बतला दूँ
परी कहानी के तुम राजा
मैं राजा की गोद में खेलूं
तुमसे जग की डोर चले है
मैं जीवन की झप्पी ले लूँ ।

India Gate


The drops pour
Drenching the stones
To washed radiance
And the monument
Stands tall
With prestine pride

The young at heart
Drawn to
The stretches of green
Juggling the balls
As they announce
Their strength
And spirits
The ease to play
And the confidence
Of control

The skies continue
To pour
Saluting the glory
And the valour
For those dances the flame
“Amar Jawan Jyoti’
For them, their love
Was precious
And life, a game!

As a silent spectator
I sit and watch
The hopes of future
The tales of the past
And deep in my heart
I pray
While kids play
May they imbibe
The essence of the place
To their lives
Be it not just a childhood memory-
“The India Gate” !