“The new captain of the ship”

It’s a story of a Captain posted on a Ship which was being sent off a journey over turbulent sea. The supplies seemed limited and the journey, long. The crew appeared divided, the faces young, lacking experience of the deep sea. The biggest challenge to begin with was to win the trust and unite the team. So much before addressing the challenges, the captain decided to step in as a silent observer, imbibing and absorbing every experience of the fortnight while the ship stayed anchored. The inputs to selection of supplies were highly guarded, so as to not offend anyone. The appreciations were frequent and generous over smallest of deeds. The strings to be pulled were put on hold since it was more important to keep the ropes tight for the sails to manoeuver on the right track. And soon one day, off began the voyage!

Standing at the shores, waving “bon voyage” to the ship, I wait eagerly for the first harbour from where the captain shall mail the letter of its sail so long.

The clock’s ticking as if counting every fractional second as I wait …..

Captain of the new ship : part I

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