Woke up much earlier

Brewed hot coffee for him

He looked cool

And handsome too

Hugged him, kissed him

And he dashed out

Waving a bye

“See u mom”,

He paused , hugged back

And off he went !


Stepped into routine

The hours glided by

Throwing a last glance

At the mirror

Before leaving for office

She ensured,

She looks extra special

For the day

For there in the campus

Are hundreds of them

Waiting to be crowned

And as she gave away

Much awaited trophies

& Each one returned

With a hug, a smile, a shy grin

Oh so pure is that love

She smiled to herself as well


Drowned in the files

Chasing the deadlines

The load unending

The work undone

The plans demanding

The fire within

Another knock –

A smiling one

This time heart warms

As she nods to the one

Walking into her room

Bringing in all glory

The helper forwards with smile

A cup of hot tea !


And the clock strikes again

And the guard peeps in

For nth time now

Seems eager to leave

But he can’t for she was

Still seated and working

So he just pretended checking

Which was more of insisting

He longed to lock the room

Or probably lock her in

Once and for all

For regularly she made

His working hours extended

With her own late sittings


Picking up the keys

Left to her own

Humming to the tunes

On radio that played

Singing to herself

Yet, Numbed to her dreams

Mechanically steering

Empty lanes and jams alike

Don’t know why the feeling strikes

Major something is amiss





Back to home and chores all done

Out of shower and still not fresh

Trying to check reminders again

Checking what has been the miss

As the habit paused again

On the message box for day

Ohhhhhhhh so this was all the miss

And how could the heart not know?

Or forget or let it go?

Since when dates got so mundane?

Once adored so much was this

What becomes now just a day

No glories of love I sing

No flights or dreams I live

Neither are there any plans

Nor are gifts , nor a date fixed

Dry , unnoticed almost past

Was today valentines day!?!?!?!

Valentine Day

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