Unending trail of raindrops

Flow on my window pane

Etching memories


Memories of the racing days

The race of raindrops that we played

On way to school

On a rainy day

Whether won or lost

It was giggles all the way


Memories of the dreamy days

The rains prisoned the outdoor strolls

When girls then ganged up all indoors

Got dressed and draped

And cooked and ate

It was giggles all the day


Memories of romantic days

The drops on pane when etched a name

Was seen by none , was written nor wiped

Yet skipped a beat, the heart would sing

A song not heard

A tune so new

It was smiles for weeks and days


Memories of the long pause

When the raindrops failed to cease

And the hands of pals so close

In a blink, waved to leave

Sitting by the window pane

Trails of drops but wouldn’t leave

Into years meta-morphed those days


Unending trails of raindrops

Trail on my window pane

Etching memories

A racing here

A dreaming there

A pause stepping in from nowhere

A name here and there


The drops are same

The meanings changed

Merging also with drops saline

The smile are drenched

In love with rains

If only reflections brought back the days !


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