As I sit today

In my cozy lab

Structured to my taste

over the years;

Marked by memories

Sweet and sour!

Suddenly today-

It has one face all over……

And so does my soul

As if time decides to pause

Around me for today

And I look back

Down the hill

From where I stand

The friends i lost

The age i gained

The faces that smile

Today,to my fame….

All worthless it seems

All hollow and futile

For not one gives me pleasure

Not one spurs a smile

Saddened, still I laugh

On the silly beats inside

Which thinks and yet thinks not

Which lives and yet lives not

And a day or two when gone

This very reluctant today

Will be bright tomorrow again

The faces of adorable kids

Will be all that I retain

From these walls and this room

From this place…..from this school

And no traces of foes

Or friends shall stay in the ride

As I cross boundaries

And take newer flights..

So I say

Cheer up o heart

So I say

Feel not apart

Miss not thou

When gone



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