She walked in to me

With the warmest smile

And a token wrapped

To mark a mile


Catching me unaware

Nudging a smile

To the moist eyes

And a heart that almost died


And i forced to respond

To the bond so strong

With a hug tighter

And much much long


What mattered wasn’t words

But the very being

What was missed was again

“The very being”


The tone of the day

Was yet so fresh

The emotions thereafter

Could never come to rest


And she held out to me

From the beautifully wrapped

I just lost all words

As a “scarf” kinda “slapped”


The jacquared gleaming one

In hues of green and blue

Was I actually getting one ?

But it wasn’t from “you” !


Yes it slapped me so hard

And I knew no other words

“Dunno how to use ”

Was all I could have said


What would have been your said

Came reflecting just the same

“I will teach, don’t worry”

An innocent reply came !


The moments grew more moist

And poisoned responses …

To all that happened thereafter

Oblivious were my senses


The more silence when practised,

The more grows the pain

The destiny as if playing

The game of “loss and gain”


Closer thou shall stay

The calling comes from nowhere

Farther you go away

Your moments somehow reappear



Friendship Day & Scarf

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