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कौन चितेरा स्वप्नों का?

क्यू कर नित नव रंग भरे?

आज ठौर का पता नही

कल पर निर्मित महल किये।

कबका सबको छोड़ चले

हर पल जो पल साथ कभी

हम ही हाथ छोड़ सकें

कल के पल ले साथ जिये

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Phir phir Jode naa Judat

Ju toota Ek har

Rahiman jugat sujhaaiye

Sujan mane is baar

Gir Gir khoye naa keemati

Mukta pare Sunaar

Kis dhaage mei daar dun

Nayan haar majhdhaar

रूठेसुजनमनाइए, जोरूठेसौबार. रहिमनफिरिफिरिपोइए,टूटेमुक्ताहार


I never had you,

Yet possessed you .

I never got you,

Yet lived you .

Till the day

You walked in,

Smiling to me!

Telling me to believe ,

To fly , To explore .


And I was swept

Off my feet,

Into a world

That I lived in dreams.

Laden with smiles,

And love .

Laden with joy,

And colours .

That gave reason-

Reason to life !


And gave further more-

Reason to fear!!!

The fear of loosing –

Loosing the smiles,

Loosing the colours ,

Loosing the dream,

And didn’t realise ;

The very fear –

Is causing me loose ;

The very fear –

Is a loss all while .


I thought I was fighting ,

Fighting the fear .

Not knowing I am loosing ,

The battle to fear –

By acknowleding the fear,

By accepting the fear ,

By structuring it strong ,

Which wasn’t at all real !!


The weakness grew

Further weakening me

The strengths withdrew

From all around me

Only reactions remains

And doubts all around

And regrets mock

At the battle ground


The friends are lost

The smiles r lost

The only remains

Are what wasn’t ever sought

There dies a life

There dies a soul

There dies a world

Once hope is lost !!!!

The Story of Hope and Despair