Monthly Archives: February 2018


One day

I will gather all your memories

And take them to my lab

I will fractionally distill them

Make aqueous and alcoholic extracts

I will burn all the remains

To convert them to the ash

With these fractions of precious you

Your immortality I will encash

The aqueous extract I’ll mix in oceans

To give your character to the waves

And when in clouds, then it will pour

Drenching the world in rains

The ash I intend to donate to the soil

So the flowers n greens that’ll bloom

Will carry your fragrance and giving nature

And bring smiles to weary souls

The alcoholic one I’ll save for me

To drink it in a shot

And live a life time intoxicated

Souls deep, blissfully, in your thoughts !!!!



Etched indelibly in my mind
Are those smiling eyes
Which became deep pools
As they heard what I said
As also the unsaid.

And we walked a mile
Hand in hand, with a smile
Till you pondered over
The black and the white

The questions cropped
The fondness dropped
The words failed
Which should not have been.

For once the velveteen voice
Became gruff with the tears
which formed a lump in
your throat and mine.