Free we may soar-

But how free we are?

Boundless ties,

And endless scars.

The ties of the brands

And desires materialist ;

The ties of the names

In contacts undeleted ;

The people holding you

That you never let go;

The limits to the songs

Humming on the go;

The books catching dust

And yet not thrown ;

The thoughts over the mind

That timelessly have grown;

The photos in the trunks

Neither framed nor burnt;

The injuries unhealed

Forever that hurt ;

The gifts once bought

Neither given or trashed;

The gifts promised

So very wished but not got;

The words like dart

That shooted and bled;

The tears dropped dead;

And the tears unshed;

The words unsaid;

The feelings trapped within;

The days wasted lying;

And nights not slept in;

The habits undieing

You fail to quit ;

The closest of friends

Who hurt with wit;

The waking dreams

That cant be spelt;

The glorious applauds;

Whose guilt cant be dealt;

The sorry that died;

And the errors survived;

The hopes that struggle;

When fears doesnt subside;

The deeds shudnt have been

And cant be undone;

The thoughts that paused

When they should have been done…

Boundless ties

And endless scars

The invisible prison

And prisoners we are .


In reverence to Mrs Saxena…..Saxena Ma’am !


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