In the world thats mad

For updates and selfies

In the time that flows

Through time-lines and posts

There are still some living fossils

And some friendships breathing true

With no traces on social media

No pictures shown to the world

Neither tags, nor tweets

Or instagram feeds

And they span the deeper cores

To each other meaning much more

The quiet observers of living ,

Growing, travelling together

Into newer versions of themselves

That need no evidences of their being

That need not be proven to the world

Thiers is a life loaded with stories –

That are shared over tea and coffee;

Of meals that were planned together;

And jokes that were cracked together ;

The silent strolls on crowded lanes –

That were lived moment by moment;

The crazy nights of dancing fun-

And numerous bewilderment ;

The tears shed;

The laughters rocked;

The brains stromed;

The promises kept;

The promises dropped;

The madlness lived….the life thats real !

Against the virtual presence

With scores of likes quantifying

There lives those bonds undieing

Pinned to the top in the heart

Unmeasured, undeclared-

No media proof;

No likes voted;

No witness though ;

But means much more !!!


Living beyond virtual boundaries

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