What clouds the eyes?
And blurs the vision
That once crossed the skies??
What dries the lips 
That struggle for words?
Sip after another
Unquenched is what thirst??
Glass aftr glass
The celebrations roar
Drowns more the spirits
That once rose to soar

Soared across the skies
With dreamy shiny eyes
Melliferous renditions
And words that never died

The idols go hazy

The demons are crazy

The mind and the thoughts 

Are all in a frenzy


How then I face

The mirror and the soul

Stopping by the Alter

But Lord, I’m not whole


Lost is a me

That bubbled innocence

Left is a me

That looks at senescence


Juggling the greys

With all my might

Yet eying colours

Just pure and bright


Raising the toast

Spreading the cheers

I yet again reflect 

The “cheer” in the “cheers”

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