Another year

A new beginning

Just very like

The ones gone by

Resolutions made

Filling list on wall

And Another one

Stays unsaid to all

To fall again

To fall for you

To rise again

To rise with you

To stay in love

With you..Forever

This day as I did

As I do everyday 

This year I will

As I did every year

A beginning new

That comes and goes

Just freshened by

Calendar dates

And yet so defined 

Like the start and the end

That’s there well marked

For the day and the year

But as unique

Each moment as it grows

Just as unique 

As a day or a year

Matured, seasoned

As older gets the wine;

Yet Spiced and young 

The spirits undieing !

I crazily love

And wildly fight

The tears roll down

As I hold u tight 

“Come here”, You say

And I look around

How far have I been?

Nearer where is the ground???

I madly laugh, 

with moist eyes

And cry and cry 

when smiles greet thine


A fairy dream

A fiction told

As fondly “you”

I quietly behold 

The tears all dry

Just smiles around

A world of warmth

And just no frowns

Another year, another day

I fall again

In love with you !

Another year

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