Nothingness And retrospection……..


And retrospection……..

One lead to the other
The struggle
To establish an identity
The moments
Of escalation
And simultaneous rejections
Searching a place
In those eyes that meant the most
But where it flipped
Demand based
And years of judgement
To establish
The real face

Every day a discovery
Of “things” that gained
Ever rising
Prominence over her
The game where thou juggled
The love for her
As also bearing
Or was it
Just a way of thee
Changing faces
Of grey
Which you detest
Yet project
And flamboyantly
The fight against male chauvinism
And a rebellion “she”

Being placed on a pedestal
For a day
And thrashed the other
Words of neverending praise
But deeds with varied shades-
And all that she heard or saw
She ran under a scanner
A day of delight
A day with no sight
Day by day goes by
Struggling an insight…..

Gaining yet the same
And a roller coaster ride
Of smiles and tears
Hiding with all might
From the world outside
The tarnished pieces
Of robes she wear

Slowly slipping by
Into a well
Of endless
Watching the world live
Her vibrant reflections
And loosing the confidence
The spirit
The flame
That once
Defined her name
Yet hiding successfully
From the questioning eyes
And masking all worries
Buried behind white lies

She now doubt
For somewhere on the way
Was lost the cheerful girl
And remainded “protestful says”…
The dances forgotton
The touch all questioned
Between the incompatibility
The drifts and the frictions…..
Failing to keep the eyes
Focussed on the path
One wrong turn
And the way was lost

One wrong turn
And the way is lost !

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